Dynamic Memory Mate AdvancePay Option for NT TractorHouse Softball

Two options for memory mates this season
  • Option one is to purchase an advance pay credit BEFORE picture day, this option is a more dynamic design and is created specifically for your athlete with better graphics and fonts. This needs to be purchased before picture day to qualify for the custom-made memory mate as they are created individually and will be uploaded to your child's gallery.
  • Option two allows you to choose a memory mate without purchasing an advance pay credit when viewing your gallery. This option is a standard memory mate using plain fonts and the team group photo included in your gallery instead of the dynamic posing in option one.
Advance Pay Credit Information:
  • Advance pay credit works just like a gift card, you purchase it before picture day and utilize it once your images are in your child's gallery and you're ready to purchase prints. Once the gallery is live you will input your phone number to get the credit taken off of your total when checking out.
  • You will still need to add the dynamic memory mate as an 8x10 print to your cart in the gallery to receive the print(the advanced pay credit does not automatically get you a free memory mate just by purchasing it, you must still order it).
  • Please purchase a separate $25 credit for each child you wish to have a memory mate for. If you have three kids, you'll want to purchase three of the advance pay credits to get a memory mate for each child. Be sure to add all children's names when checking out.

To purchase the advance pay credit you will need to go to your access code by texting your child's access code(found in your email from PhotodDay) to "90738"

or going to my.photoday.com

If you don't have your access code email, please check your spam folder or contact me directly at casey@Byrdlowe.com

More Picture Day ordering information here: Sports Ordering